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Monthly business networking events, done right and created specifically for successful Business Owners, Professionals, Senior Level Executives and Entrepreneurs. Our networking events are a great way to make connections and cultivate new business, as well as gain a fresh new perspective on business building through our monthly lineup of professional speakers. 

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The time is NOW to grab your ticket for our latest event! If you're seeking to be inspired and make valuable business connections, then you won't want to miss out!  We offer our attendees a full platform of professional speakers specializing in many industries, that are sure to impress and will have you walking away with the perfect amount of excitement and encouragement to successfully go on to lead your city.

Why Lead With Us?

You’re either growing or dying! This universal law relates to relationships, business, money, physically, mentally, and many other areas of life. Why not make it super easy for the growth-minded business owner and entrepreneur to get the information and resources it needs in a format that will provide the biggest impact the fastest? The best method is in the form of a LIVE Half-Day Lead and Learn Event!

Business owners are inundated with thousands of conflicting marketing messages every day on how best to grow their business. The mere thought of navigating thru the endless amounts of content to find the golden nuggets is overwhelming for most owners. Not to mention the lack of trust, lack of time, lack of money, lack of information, lack of understanding, lack of awareness, and even lack of exposure to name a few are hindering the growth of the business. If only they had a local and trusted way to get this information in a way that best provides them the solutions to their most common problems?

This Palatine Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Event will solve a lot of the time, effort, and risk of the business because it allows them to get access to the information they need…in a format that makes them the most comfortable that provides the biggest, best and fastest impact for growth as well. The tools, resources, training, and skills are all essential for any business to generate more revenue. There proven, reliable, and will provide massive amounts of value while created and environment that is beneficial for all who participate in the event.

"I just attended my first Lead Your City event and it gave me the inspiration and encouragement to level-up my business with the help of my new connections."


"Man, what an enlightening event! I've been to alot of these - always nice to network with the local leaders."


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About Our Upcoming Event

If you're a growth-minded Business Owner or Entrepreneur that prefers live learning environments from expert professionals at whatever stage you're at in your business career; then this is the monthly event for you! It doesn't matter if you’re in corporate America and your looking to start-up a new venture, to a one solo-entrepreneur, or wanting to expand an existing business to next income bracket. If you want to learn and develop more personally and professionally then this is the format for you.

Where & When:

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1:00 - 5:00 pm 

(Optional Extra Networking from 5 pm to 7 pm)\

The Grand at Twin Lakes 

920 E. Northwest Highway

Palatine, IL 60074


$50.00/Per Person

Includes Food and All Learning Materials  

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn how to network properly, market effectively and access the right money now!

  • Live half-day event with expert business owners, professionals and trainers

  • Get exposed to quality information and learn in a LIVE format

  • ​Meet and network with local like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs

  • ​Walk out the door with the ability to get more business right away

  • ​Food and a beverage will be included in the price of the event.

  • ​And much, much more

Portions of the proceeds will support the local non-profit organization Basket Brigade.

Our Expert Speakers:


Tom was born and raised in suburban Chicago. Since starting an acrylic display company in 1992, Tom has become an avid entrepreneur. Following a passion for film, he co-created and produced a reality TV show in 2001 and wrote several screenplays and has published a book.

Since meeting "Diamond" Joe Esposito in 2004, Tom decided to act on an idea he developed with partner Stephanie Rabiola about the day The Beatles met Elvis in 1965. In 2008, Tom approached Joe about the idea to document Joe's personal recollection of that famous day. Joe agreed that it was an idea that would make an interesting documentary, as there was no video or audio recordings taken that one and only time the two legends ever met. And so...."One Day Two Legends" was created.

Tom also started his own publication, American Dream Magazine, designed to promote business throughout Chicago land in 2010. He has since been using the magazine as a vehicle to promote the production of the film and is currently branding and marketing the film through the magazine to its thousands of readers both in print and online. In 2018, Tom started The Power Networking Club. In less than 2 years, The Power Networking Club has grown into one of the most recognized brands in the Chicago land Professional Networking space, producing 100+ Power Networking Events in multiple locations throughout Chicago land. 


CEO and Co-Founder ofenstigate™ solutionsFor over 18 years, Brian has worked in many industries. Not taking the traditional route, he has gained crucial business knowledge from his work on various projects, in various industries, holding various positions. It has been humbling, to say the least. 

This diversified career gives Brian an edge: he approaches a challenge from numerous angles, succeeding to move a project forward when others give up. He is a catalyst, an agent for acceleration. Brian finds outside-the-box solutions and untapped possibilities others cannot see, leading to prosperous outcomes. 

Brian is an adept businessman who takes great pride in service to others. enstigate™ allows him to mix these two passions: people and opportunity. There are many reasons businesses fail, but a strong support system amplifies your chance of success. Does your business have the support it needs to grow? 

The support enstigate™ provides helps our clients fulfil their vision. Brian and the gang at enstigate™ get the right money, at the right time, in the right way. Helping small businesses reach heights they never imagined is what fuels him. Become a member of the enstigate™ family today and let us turn your dreams into a reality. 


President of Allegra, for over 20 years, Brian has worked with businesses of all sizes, and in a multitude of industries, helping them to tell their business stories in order to grow, protect and maintain their clients. Brian opened Allegra in March of 1997, and in his first year in business, was awarded both the Rookie of the Year award for breaking the franchise sales record for first-year sales, and the True Grit award for accomplishing all of that while Brian’s father, and business partner at the time, was battling cancer.

Over the next two decades, Allegra has continued to win awards for sales growth, community involvement, and marketing excellence. Most recently, Allegra was honored to have received the prestigious Marketing Trailblazer Award for the second time.

Allegra focuses on helping our clients find more clients of their own utilizing traditional marketing and sales strategies combined with modern marketing channels such as Google search and ads, Facebook and Instagram following, email marketing, and more.

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